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Help: Checkout Problems

If you get errors at our checkout please try the following before contacting us.

Error Message 'Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can't be shipped to your locationThis error is usually caused by your billing and shipping address. Go back and check that you have entered the correct details in the appropriate fields. Pay attention to the State/County field. For Irish customers, we often find the postcode/zip field causes this error. As much of Ireland does not currently use a postcode, we ask you to use 123 in that field and not n/a as the later causes this error. Paypal users should also updated their paypal account post code. Use 123 if you do not know your post code. Default or n/a will not be accepted. If you would like to know your Irish Post Code please visit

Error Message: "Bill To State/Province is required" This is caused by your billing address State/County field. Go back and check you have entered this correctly. If you are certain you have please contact us so we can investigate, if you can take a screenshot of the error and your billing address fields.

Error Message: "bill to phonenumberThis means your billing address phone number is not correct. It is a requirement of your credit card that you provide a phone number. 

Error Message: "Card Declined" This usually occurs if your have entered your card details incorrectly. Please check and try again. If you continue to get this error then your bank is declining the transaction. You should contact them as sometimes they will place a hold on your card for security reasons. They will ask you to confirm you are the one trying to place the order with us. They may refer to us as, Superstrings or The Music Shop.

For all other errors, it's always worth restarting your device or trying a different browser. Often this solves cache issues that can cause errors at checkouts.
If you're still have problems please contact us so we can investigate. Please include as much detail as possible and if you are able to take a screenshot of the issue that would be great. We process many orders every day for customers and it is rare that a major issue occurs. Usually it is a small issue that we can resolve quickly. You can also try using our other payment options such as paypal, credit/debit card or bank transfer. If you contact us we can usually get your sorted with your order straight away.