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As a strings and accessories company we don't keep much in the way of instruments in stock but below you'll find a range of selected instruments to order from our suppliers. We can order everything from Guitars to Flutes, Drums to Cellos from our suppliers. If you're looking for a musical instrument do get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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  • BJ Blues Harmonica

    BJ Blues Harmonicas

    These harmonicas are great for beginners, but won't disappoint a more experienced player. They are specially designed for blues and folk blues. They also come with a hard case and a cleaning cloth for maintenance. They are made of quality materials in a...

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  • Susato Kildare D Whistle

    Susato Whistle

      Susato Whistle The Kildare Susato Whistle has long been the choice for professional musicians looking for reliability for stage performance. Modernising the traditional tin whistle to solve tuning stability problems is where Susato whistles...

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  • Vintage V300 Mahogany Folk Guitar Vintage V300 Mahogany Folk Guitar

    Vintage V300 Mahogany Folk Guitar

    Vintage V300 Mahogany Folk Guitar The Vintage V300 Mahogany Folk Guitar is far from an affordable, start-up, beginner guitar. With its stunning looks the Eastern mahogany body stands out from the crowd. The warm, mid-range focused sound and...

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  • Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele Ireland

    Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag

    Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele The Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele is a is a full bodied concert ukulele that features a solid Sapele top with Sapele back and sides that is complemented perfectly by the mahogany headstock. Carry bag included. Please...

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  • Laka VUS10 Soprano Ukulele

    Laka VUS10 Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag

    Laka VUS10 Soprano Ukulele The Laka VUS10 Soprano Ukulele is a perfect entry level soprano Ukulele for beginners wanting something better than the 'toy' ukuleles found everywhere. It features a features a solid Sapele top, Sapele back and...

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