Martin MTR13 Tony Rice Signature Monel Strings 13-56


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  • Martin MTR13 Tony Rice Monel Strings
  • Martin MTR13 Tony Rice Signature Monel Strings 13-56
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Martin Tony Rice Strings

Martin Tony Rice Strings are the signature set of this legendary Bluegrass artist. He used to play Martin Monel strings loyally for 2 decades back in the 60's and 70's. He loved the warm mellow sound that didn't change the timbre of his Clarence White 1935 D28 guitar. Unfortunately Martin stopped making the Monels in the 70's and Rice couldn't get them anymore.

Fortunately for us, Rice worked together with the sound engineers at Martin Guitar to bring back his favorite tone. After working for a while they finally presented Rice with the product of their effort and when he tried them he said, “Welcome back, old friend.”

For us what it means is that we can now experience the new “vintage” sound available only decades ago. Monel is a nickel based alloy that allows your guitar to keep its tone while bringing out all the woody sound your instrument is capable of. The strings don't have harsh brightness, they have a very balanced sound.

Martin Tony Rice Strings Summary:


13 / 16 / 26 / 34 / 44 / 56 - For other gauges see Martin Retro Monel Strings

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