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I need help choosing strings!

Have a look at our Beginners Strings Guide. If you still need help please contact us and we'll be very pleased to answer any questions and guide you.  

I'm new to buying online, help!

Ok, no problem. Most ecommerce websites are quite similar. Let's talk you through the process:
1. Finding products: Basically you browse the site for products. Our site is organised by categories. So first you will pick the instrument category and then in that the brand category. For example: go to ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS. Then go to your prefered brand such as MARTIN ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS. You can also use the product search box at the top and use product titles or keywords. This will give you results, either actual products and categories where similar products might be found.

2. Adding a product: When you see a product you are interested in, you can either click the title for a more detailed view or click the Add To Cart button to buy it. You can continue shopping if you would like to buy more items. When you are done click the Cart view (top right, it shoud say 1 or more items) to see all the added products. Here you can adjust any quantities if you need to. Then when you're done click Checkout.

3. Checkout: Here you need to give us your details such as name & address. If you have an account you can log in and all your details will have been saved.
So, you'll be asked for your name and billing address (if using credit/debit card for payment, provide the address that the card is registered to). You can then select if you want the shipping address to be the same as your billing address or if you want to give a different shipping address you can.

Payment: Finally you choose the method of payment you would like to use and submit the order. Credit/debit cards & paypal are instant payment methods so assuming your payment goes though ok (takes a few seconds) your order will most likely be processed by us next working day and posted to you. If you choose to pay by bank deposit/postal order you will need to arrange payment after you have submitted the order.

Take your time: If you make a mistake there is no need to worry. We are on hand if you want to contact us either via email or phone (leave a message if we are unable to answer and we will call you back). Once you have used the website a few times you'll find its a quick and easy way to shop.   

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