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Celluloid Plectrums

  • Jim Dunlop Pick Holder

    Dunlop Plectrum Holder

    The Dunlop Plectrum Holder is made from quality materials. It is spring operated to keep your plectrums tight and ready for use. Easy to install and durable. Plectrum holder Accommodates most popular brands fits many different gauges Made with...

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  • Random Plectrums Pack

    Random Plectrum Pack

    We've assembled a bag of 10 random plectrums from some of our best pick brands. You can find inside a mixture of gauges and materials from brands like Dunlop, D'addario, Clayton, Herdim and others. This is substantial reduction in price for what you'll...

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  • Dunlop Variety Pack Ireland

    Dunlop Variety Pack Picks

    Dunlop Variety Pack Picks Sometimes you just don't know what guitar pick is for you. As the world's best selling Plectrum maker, Dunlop have come up with these variety packs to give you a taste of their range of plectrums.Each pack contains various...

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  • Clayton Variety 6 Pick Pack

    This is a set of 6 plectrums each with its own unique characteristics. Sample them all and pick the right one for you. The Black Raven reduces string pops and minimizes slippage with its matte surface. The Spike is specially designed to improve the...

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    Dunlop White Celluloid Plectrums

    Dunlop Celluloid Picks

    Dunlop Celluloid Picks Dunlop Celluloid Picks give that tone comes mostly from your fingers, but not only those on your fretting hand, your picking hand needs the best Plectrum to make that string sound great. That's why Dunlop brings us their Celluloid...

    MSRP: €11.50
    Was: €11.50
    Now: €10.50
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  • Snark Picks Ireland

    Snark Celluloid Picks 12-Pack

    Snark Celluloid Picks 12-Pack Snark re-invents the pick to focus on pure tone. Using laser cut high quality celluloid, they then polish the plectrum's edges for 30 hours so there's no rough pick edges to corrupt tone.A non slip coating is also applied...

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  • D'addario Pick Holder

    D'addario Pick Holder

    D'addario Pick Holder The D'addario Pick Holder will hold up to 5 plectrums of various thicknesses. This sturdy pick holder comes with a velcro fixing to you can fix it to any surface. D'addario Pick Holder summary: Sturdy design Holds up to 5...

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  • Custom Celluloid Plectrums

    Custom Celluloid Plectrums Celluloid Plectrums with Custom Print are now available to order. Please make sure you read through the details below and instructions on how to order. Quality Celluloid Plectrums Celluloid Plectrums have long been...

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