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  • 6 sets for the price of 4 on selected gauges of Darco Strings
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  • Kyser Capos Kyser Capos Ireland

    Kyser Capos

    Kyser Capo The Kyser Capo remains one of the best selling capos in Ireland.  Designed to be moved or released quickly, the Kyser Capo is the best selling quick change Guitar Capo of all time. Kyser capos allow Guitarists to change them quickly...

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    Kirlin Fabric Instrument Cables Ireland Kirlin Fabric Instrument Cable

    Kirlin Fabric Cables

    Kirlin Fabric Cables The Kirlin Fabric Cables are great instruments cables that are not only affordable they look amazing! Designed so the signal coming from your instrument has a clear path all the way through to your effects, amps and out your...

    MSRP: €17.99
    Was: €17.99
    Now: €14.99
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    Dunlop Shell Players Packs

    Dunlop Shell Plectrums

    Dunlop Shell Picks Dunlop Shell Picks are made from durable yet flexible Celluloid. Jim Dunlop is the industry standard on celluloid plectrum maker. Available in Thin, Medium and Heavy in packs of 12. Dunlop Shell Picks...

    MSRP: €10.50
    Was: €10.50
    Now: €7.00
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    Dunlop White Celluloid Plectrums

    Dunlop Celluloid Picks

    Dunlop Celluloid Picks Dunlop Celluloid Picks give that tone comes mostly from your fingers, but not only those on your fretting hand, your picking hand needs the best Plectrum to make that string sound great. That's why Dunlop brings us their Celluloid...

    MSRP: €11.50
    Was: €11.50
    Now: €10.50
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    Dunlop Tortex Fin Plectrums from

    Dunlop Tortex Fin Plectrums

    This is the Tortex Fin, it is design for maximum expression. The plectrum offers the guitar player 4 ways to play his or her instrument. The serrated playing surface gives you a nice almost phaser sound. These plectrums will increase your tools for...

    MSRP: €7.50
    Was: €7.50
    Now: €7.22
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  • Darco Electric Guitar Strings Ireland

    Darco Electric Guitar Strings

    Darco Electric Guitar Strings Darco Electric Guitar Strings are strings that cut to the chase. No bells and whistles, fancy coatings, special alloys, just good old plain guitar strings at affordable prices. Gauges: Darco Electric Guitar...

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    Rotosound Ultramag Strings Ireland

    Rotosound Ultramag Strings

    Rotosound Ultramag Strings Rotosound Ultramag Strings are made of a type 52 Alloy. They deliver a higher magnetic output than regular strings for more volume, Power and Sustain. With superb corrosion resistance you'll get longer life too...

    MSRP: €14.99
    Was: €14.99
    Now: €13.55
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