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Mandolin Strings

Mandolin Strings

Mandolin Strings are typically tuned the same as a Violin: GDAE but as you have 8 strings they are tuned in pairs so 2 x G, 2 x D, 2 x A & 2 x E. Mandolin strings either come with G & D strings wound in Bronze, Phosphor Bronze or Nickel. Nickel is usually used for Electric Mandolins. The A & E strings of the set are usually plain unwound.
Mandolins often use Loop-End Strings but it's not uncommon to find some Mandolins that take Ball-End. Make sure you know which type your Mandolin needs. If you can't find a suitable Ball-End set you might consider buying Ball-End Guitar strings from our Singles Range.

We are Ireland's leading Mandolin Strings specialist. You'll find a great range from brands including D'addario, Martin, Elixir & others. 

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