Guitar Capos

​As Ireland's leading string specialist we also have a large range of Guitar Capos, Banjo/Mandolin Capos and more.
One of the best selling capos in Ireland is the Kyser capo which is now available in a range of colours. 
The Dunlop Capo is also a bit of an industry standard capo.

At the premium end we have the beautifully engineered G7th Capos. If you're looking for something more affordable check out the Kinsman Capos or the B-Bird Capo.

Shubb capos have been an industry standard since the 70's. And finally if you're a trad player or looking for something different we have two sliding capos, The Quickdraw which is known as the session player's capo and also The Glider.

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  • Kyser Capo Kyser Capo Ireland

    Kyser Capos

      Kyser Capo The Kyser Capo has been the best selling guitar capo in Ireland for decades. The Kyser Guitar Capo is specially designed to be moved and released quickly, the Kyser Capo works just as a guitar capo...

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  • Jim Dunlop 83CN Trigger Capo

    Dunlop Trigger Capos

    These Capos from Dunlop are specially designed for the acoustic or electric guitar, whether this one has 6 or 12 strings. It is curved and the shape fits most commercially available instruments. It's ergonomic shape and padded handle also makes it easy...

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  • Glider Rolling Capo

    Glider Rolling Capo

    The Glider Capo was the first capo designed to move between frets whist remaining attatched to your guitar. This innovative design uses a rubber roller on the back of the instrument neck that rolls as you move it between frets.Once in place you can roll...

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  • G7TH Performance 3 Capo Ireland G7TH Performance 2 Silver Capo

    G7TH Performance 3 Capo

    G7th Capo Performance 2  In 2004, The G7th Capo set a new standard in capo design.Players loved the G7th Capo simplicity of use and the sheer beauty of the stunning design. It really was a work of art!The G7th Performance 2 capo followed a few...

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  • B-Bird Capo Ireland B-Bird Capos Ireland

    B-Bird Capos

    B-Bird Capos The B-Bird Capo is an affordable but high quality capo. Made of High Grade Heavy Duty Moulded Alloy, these capos deliver without breaking the bank. The smooth quick release design makes for easy on/off use and a silicone cushion...

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  • Shubb Original Instument Capos from Shubb Original Instument Capos from

    Shubb Original Instrument Capos

    Shubb capos have been an industry standard since they entered the market back in the 1970's. They are easy to use, sturdy and will not require you to re tune your instrument once you have installed the shubb capo. The Shubb capos can be positioned, moved...

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  • G7th UltraLight Capo G7th Ultra Light Capo

    G7th UltraLight Capo

    G7th are known for their premium, high quality capos with superb engineering. With the G7th Ultralight Capo they have turned their attention to making something more affordable. Weighing in at just 8 grams, this capo has a simple yet elegant...

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  • Bill Russell 7828 Banjo/Ukulele Capo

    Bill Russell 7828 Banjo/Ukulele Capo

    This capo solves the problem of having a clamp style capo. It comes with an elastic that hooks to the bar that goes over your strings. It not only makes your key higher, but it can be reposition without unfastening! Think of the expressive possibilities...

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  • Kyser pro-am capo Kyser pro-am capo

    Kyser Pro Am Capo

    Kyser Pro Am Capo The Kyser Pro/Am Capo is a portable and economical capo designed for acoustic steel string guitars and classical nylon strung guitars.Made from lightweight aluminum in Texas, USA, this capo includes a tension screw...

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  • Shubb Replacement Rubber Sleeve

    Shubb Replacement Rubber Sleeve

    This is a replacement sleeve for the Shubb Capo. It can be cut down to fit your particular model of Shubb Capo. It is made of high quality Rubber to guarantee that your capo will work effectively for many years to come. 2.25 inch in length can be cut...

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  • D'addario Silver Pro Capo D'addario Black Pro Capo

    D'addario Pro Capos

    Please note: This product is available to Order-In and will typically be dispatched 3-7 days after your order is placed. Further details here... D'addario Pro Capos The D'addario Pro Capo is the product of an ongoing collaboration between famed...

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  • Kyser Capo Boot

    Kyser Replacement Capo Boot

    The Kyser Capo Boot are the silicone part of the Kyser Capo that fits against the neck of your instrument to protect it. Over time these wear out. This is a replacement that should keep you going for a while!

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  • Shubb Replacement Delrin Screw Cap Ireland

    Shubb Replacement Delrin Screw Cap

    Shubb Replacement Delrin Screw Caps The Shubb Replacement Delrin Screw Caps keep your trusty old shubb capo going for longer. Why throw away a perfectly good capo when you can replace the worn contact parts like the screw cap and the...

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