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  • BJ Blues Harmonica

    BJ Blues Harmonicas

    These harmonicas are great for beginners, but won't disappoint a more experienced player. They are specially designed for blues and folk blues. They also come with a hard case and a cleaning cloth for maintenance. They are made of quality materials in a...

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  • Hohner Marine Band Harmonica Ireland

    Hohner Marine Band Harmonica

    Hohner Marine Band Harmonica The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica is arguably the best selling and best know Harmonica of all time.First introduced in 1886, Marine Band Harmonicas were legendary among the classic blues virtuosoes of the heyday.The rich...

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  • Strings.ie Gift Card Ireland

    Strings.ie Gift Card

    Strings.ie Gift Card Strings.ie Gift Cards are the perfect gift for your musician friends and family. Simply choose the value of the gift certificate and we'll post you out a gift certificate card that you can give away. Alternatively, if you...

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