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  • Martin Leather Strap Tie Martin Leather Strap Tie

    Martin Headstock Strap Tie

    If you are a fan of classic Acoustic guitars you'll notice that most of them come with only one strap button already installed on the guitar. If this is the case for you, you know that there are alternatives, you can wrap an ugly line to the headstock...

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  • Planet Waves Screeching Halt

    D'addario Screeching Halt

    This is D'addario's answer to all electro acoustic guitar player's prayers. On stage when you try to turn up the volume on your electro acoustic guitar it tends to give you a howling noise or just plain feedback. The Screeching halt however, will make...

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  • Blank Bone Acoustic Guitar Nut GR1021B

    Blank Bone Acoustic Guitar Nut GR1021B

    This is a blank bone nut for replacement. It will take the place of that plastic nut that makes your guitar sound muted. In many cases a change in nut will improve intonation and tone, making the guitar sound slightly brighter. This is for a blank nut,...

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  • D'addario Ukulele Felt Pick

    D'addario Ukulele Felt Picks

    D'addario Ukulele Felt Picks The D'addario Ukulele Felt Picks are designed for Ukulele or Bass Guitar players.Regular plastic picks can often deliver an overly bright toppy sound whereas felt provides a warmer tone more suitable to Ukulele and...

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  • D'addario Ebony Bridge Pins Ireland D'addario Boxwood Bridge Pins

    D'addario Wood Bridge Pins

      D'addario Wood Bridge Pins D'addario Wood Bridge Pins are perfect for giving your instrument a quality finish and improved tone from quality wood pins. Perfect for upgrading your existing bridge pins or replacements. D'addario Wood Bridge...

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  • Mandolin Tailpiece Part Ireland

    Mandolin Tailpiece

    Mandolin Tailpiece  This Mandolin Tailpiece is just what you need if you're in need of a replacement. Suitable for any instrument requiring up to 8 Loop End Strings. The sliding cover finishes this part off nicely and the chrome finish looks great...

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  • Martin Pearl Bridge Pins

    Martin Pearl Bridge Pins

    Martin Pearl Bridge Pins These quality handmade Martin bridge pins come with a mother of pearl inlay and are available in black or ivory. You get 7 pins so you'll be covered if you lose one in the future and a strap pin. They come in a display case to...

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