Instrument & String Care

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  • GHS Fast Fret Ireland - Fastfret Buy Online

    GHS Fast Fret

    GHS Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner The world's best selling cleaner and lubricant, GHS FASTFRET has been found in gig bags across the world for decades. It is not a spray, but rather it is a wax that comes with its own applicator. The GHS Fast...

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  • Planet Waves Lemon Oil

    D'addario Lemon Oil

    D'addario's Lemon Oil, which is a formula specially designed to hydrate unfinished wood. It is meant to hydrate and protect places like your fingerboard. This oil will protect the fingerboard from getting cracked or warped. It will also bring out the...

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  • Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Ireland

    Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes

    Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes are a handy single use solution that come in a sachet. They're sold individually or the 3 pack contains one of each type.  The String Cleaner cleans & extends the life of your strings...

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  • The Swipe String Cleaner Ireland

    The Swipe String Cleaner

    The Swipe String Cleaner The Swipe String Cleaner is a credit card sized firm microfiber cleaning aid, designed to clean strings. It fits easily between the strings and the fretboard so you can clean both sides.  The Swipe will get...

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  • D'addario Headstand

    D'addario Headstand

      D'addario Headstand D'addario's Headstand is a must have for changing strings or working on bridges and guitar cleaning. The Headstand is a small tripod that collapses into the size of a pocket knife that will fit anywhere and will secure your...

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  • On-Stage Universal Guitar Care Kit

    On-Stage Universal Guitar Care Kit

    On-Stage Universal Guitar Care Kit The On-Stage Universal Guitar Care Kit includes everything you need to keep your instrument in tip top condition. On-Stage Universal Guitar Care Kit Summary: Includes two microfiber cleaning cloths 4oz bottle of...

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  • D'Addrio Spray Cleaner Ireland

    D'Addrio Spray Cleaner

    D'Addario Spray Cleaner The D'Addario Spray Cleaner is an easy to use daily cleaner for all clear coated instruments. Erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, while colour enhancers bring out your instrument’s...

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  • Ernie Ball Instrument Polish Ireland

    Ernie Ball Instrument Polish

    Ernie Ball Instrument Polish Ernie Ball Instrument Polish is Ernie Ball's proprietary polish formula is oil free and won't leave a powdery residue on your instrument. Spray on the cloth and wipe off in a circular motion for a streak free shine...

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  • D'Addario Guitar Wax Ireland

    D'Addario Guitar Wax

    D'Addario Guitar Wax The D'Addario Guitar Wax is a natural protectant and sealer for all clear coated instruments, combining premium quality Brazilian Carnauba Wax and advanced chemistry to produce a distinct radiance with quick and easy...

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