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  • D'addario Guitar Multi-Tool

    D'addario Guitar Multi-Tool

    D'addario Guitar Multi-Tool The D'addario Guitar Multi-Tool provides the most common tools needed for Guitar and Bass adjustments.With US and Metric size keys made of strong high quality S2 steel this is a must have guitar tool for every...

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  • Planet Waves Guitar Pro Winder

    D'addario Pro Winder

    D'addario Pro Winder Must have tool! The D'addario Pro-Winder is a handy bit of kit. All in one string winder, Bridge pin puller and string cutter. If you're looking for the ultimate restringing tool, look no further! This high...

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  • Jim Dunlop Gel Pegwinder

    Jim Dunlop Gel Pegwinder

    One of the biggest pains about performing maintenance on your own guitar is the winding strings on/off. This is a very practical tool from Dunlop. Made out of very high quality material, it comes in a variety of translucent colours. Never spend a second...

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  • Planet Waves Varigrip Gripmaster Planet Waves Varigrip Gripmaster

    D'addario Varigrip Gripmaster

      D'addario Varigrip Gripmaster It is OK to practice your scales and memorise your theory, however one of the most important things is being able to develop strength in your fingers. Regardless of what type of music or instrument you play, being...

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  • D'addario Headstand

    D'addario Headstand

      D'addario Headstand D'addario's Headstand is a must have for changing strings or working on bridges and guitar cleaning. The Headstand is a small tripod that collapses into the size of a pocket knife that will fit anywhere and will secure your...

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  • Ernie Ball CradleTune Ireland

    Ernie Ball CradleTune

    Ernie Ball CradleTune The Ernie Ball CradleTune is a portable clip-on tuner and tripod neck cradle suitable for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments. Featuring an oversized 2" LCD screen, the CradleTune provides a large, vibrant display that is...

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  • Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus

    Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus

    Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus is one chunky string winder! A proper manly tool they might say!This Pegwinder features an ultra-smooth ball bearing design for faster, smoother winding. The universal peg head design fits most...

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  • Gift Card Ireland Gift Card Gift Card Gift Cards are the perfect gift for your musician friends and family. Simply choose the value of the gift certificate and we'll post you out a gift certificate card that you can give away. Alternatively, if you...

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