Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks 

As Ireland's premier supplier of Guitar Picks, we stock a large range. Our selection of Guitar Plectrums includes the best selling Dunlop picks as well as Thumb and Finger picks. Dunlop's Nylon Guitar Picks remain an industry standard as well as their Delrin and Tortex Guitar Plectrums which we keep stocked along with further picks from the Dunlop range. Dava Picks offer a great range too and we also stock the German retro Herdim Picks as used by U2's The Edge as well as other brands such as Herco and Wedgie.

You might also want your own Custom Print text/logo Plectrums which are now available in a variety of types and sizes.

Guitar Picks come in all shapes and sizes and can really affect your tone and style. You're never too long in the tooth to find a new Guitar Pick. Plectrums come in various gauges of thickness from soft to heavy, this can produce various different tones. For example, heavy gauge picks tend to make a string sound softer whereas a light gauge tends to produce a more 'toppy' sound when picking. For strumming, lighter gauges are more popular. 

Guitar Picks Summary:

  • Huge range of picks from Dunlop to Herdim in stock
  • Players packs for extra value
  • Best selling plectrums in stock
  • Buy Plectrums online now
  • Custom Print Picks available

Guitar Picks from us...

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 All our guitar plectrums come from official brand distributors to guarantee you the quality guitarists expect.

  • Dunlop Nylon Plectrums Ireland Dunlop Midi Nylon Plectrums Ireland

    Dunlop Nylon Plectrums

    Dunlop Nylon Picks Dunlop Nylon Picks have been the industry standard for years and years. One of their most successful products is what people call “The Grey Picks” which groups their standard size plectrums. They are made of...

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  • Dunlop Tortex Plectrums

    Dunlop Tortex Plectrums

    Dunlop Tortex Picks Dunlop Tortex Picks are one of the most recognised names in the music industry. From amateur to season professionals use or have used Tortex in their music carriers. They are made to simulate the tone of a tortoise shell...

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  • Jim Dunlop Pick Holder

    Dunlop Plectrum Holder

    The Dunlop Plectrum Holder is made from quality materials. It is spring operated to keep your plectrums tight and ready for use. Easy to install and durable. Plectrum holder Accommodates most popular brands fits many different gauges Made with...

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  • Random Plectrums Pack

    Random Plectrum Pack

    We've assembled a bag of 10 random plectrums from some of our best pick brands. You can find inside a mixture of gauges and materials from brands like Dunlop, D'addario, Clayton, Herdim and others. This is substantial reduction in price for what you'll...

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  • Dunlop Delrin Plectrums

    Dunlop Delrin Plectrums

    Dunlop Delrin Picks Dunlop Delrin Picks are the classic Dunlop Delrin plectrum. It has been around for a long time and the reason is not only its high quality materials, but also it's slick surface, nice firm grip, quick attack and release, and it's...

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  • Dunlop Variety Pack Ireland

    Dunlop Variety Pack Picks

    Dunlop Variety Pack Picks Sometimes you just don't know what guitar pick is for you. As the world's best selling Plectrum maker, Dunlop have come up with these variety packs to give you a taste of their range of plectrums.Each pack contains various...

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  • Jim Dunlop Large Fingerpick

    Dunlop White Thumbpicks 4-Pack

    These are plectrums you wear on the thumb. They come in white plastic to make them durable and flexible. They are specially made to deliver a warm tone from almost any string instrument. They are sold in packs of 4. Thumb plectrum pack of...

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  • Dunlop Jazz III Plectrums Dunlop Jazz III XL Nylon Red Plectrum

    Dunlop Jazz III Picks

    Dunlop Jazz III Picks Dunlop Jazz Picks have been a best seller for years.These nylon Jazz style plectrums deliver a warm tone and great grip and have been a go to for lead guitarists for decades. Dunlop Jazz III Picks summary: Durable Jazz...

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  • Herco Nylon Flex Players Packs

    Herco Nylon Flex Players Packs

    Herco Picks Herco Picks are another high-quality product from Dunlop, the Herco Nylon Flex is world famous because of its uniform thickness and durability. It's made from the highest quality nylon which makes it cost effective. It also features a...

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  • Dunlop Match Pik Plectrums Dunlop Match book Plectrums

    Dunlop Match Pik Nylon Plectrums

      Dunlop Match Pik Dunlop Match Pik is a similar idea to a book of matches.  Each Match Pick pack has 6 of Dunlop's best selling Nylon Plectrums in a handy solutuion to insure you're never without your favourite pick. Dunlop Nylon Picks...

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  • Dunlop Tortex Triangle Plectrums

    Dunlop Tortex Triangle Picks

    Dunlop Tortex Triangle Picks Dunlop Triangle Picks are perfect for those of use with larger fingers. The tortex material offers great durability, tone and grip and are also popular with bass players too.  Bigger gripping...

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  • Dava Control Nylon 5 Pack Dava Control Nylon 5 Pack

    Dava Control Nylon 5 Pack

    This is the original Dava plectrum design. Back in 1996 Dava wanted to produce a better pick for the serious guitarist and what they ended up developing was a new tool for artistic expression. The original control plectrum is made from polycarbonate...

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