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We stock a large range of Musical Instrument Accessories such as Guitar Tuners, Capos, Plectrums, Straps, Saddles & Nuts, Instrument Care Products and much more. 

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  • Dunlop Nylon Plectrums Ireland Dunlop Midi Nylon Plectrums Ireland

    Dunlop Nylon Plectrums

    Dunlop Nylon Picks Dunlop Nylon Picks have been the industry standard for years and years. One of their most successful products is what people call “The Grey Picks” which groups their standard size plectrums. They are made of...

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  • Dunlop Tortex Plectrums

    Dunlop Tortex Picks Dunlop Tortex Picks are one of the most recognised names in the music industry. From amateur to season professionals use or have used Tortex in their music carriers. They are made to simulate the tone of a tortoise shell...

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  • Jim Dunlop Pick Holder

    Dunlop Plectrum Holder

    The Dunlop Plectrum Holder is made from quality materials. It is spring operated to keep your plectrums tight and ready for use. Easy to install and durable. Plectrum holder Accommodates most popular brands fits many different gauges Made with...

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  • Random Plectrums Pack

    Random Plectrum Pack

    We've assembled a bag of 10 random plectrums from some of our best pick brands. You can find inside a mixture of gauges and materials from brands like Dunlop, D'addario, Clayton, Herdim and others. This is substantial reduction in price for what you'll...

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  • Planet Waves Guitar Pro Winder

    D'addario Pro Winder

    D'addario Pro Winder Must have tool! The D'addario Pro-Winder is a handy bit of kit. All in one string winder, Bridge pin puller and string cutter. If you're looking for the ultimate restringing tool, look no further! This high...

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  • GHS Fast Fret Ireland - Fastfret Buy Online

    GHS Fast Fret

    GHS Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner The world's best selling cleaner and lubricant, GHS FASTFRET has been found in gig bags across the world for decades. It is not a spray, but rather it is a wax that comes with its own applicator. The GHS Fast...

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  • Quickdraw Sliding Capo Ireland Quick Draw Sliding Capo Ireland

    Quick Draw Sliding Capo

    Quick draw Capo The Quick Draw Sliding Capo was is the fastest sliding capo on the market. Designed by Steve Kaufman in 1991 to help acoustic guitarists move their capos for quick key changes. Also known as the sliding session...

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  • Jim Dunlop Gel Pegwinder

    One of the biggest pains about performing maintenance on your own guitar is the winding strings on/off. This is a very practical tool from Dunlop. Made out of very high quality material, it comes in a variety of translucent colours. Never spend a second...

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  • Planet Waves Lemon Oil

    D'addario Lemon Oil

    D'addario's Lemon Oil, which is a formula specially designed to hydrate unfinished wood. It is meant to hydrate and protect places like your fingerboard. This oil will protect the fingerboard from getting cracked or warped. It will also bring out the...

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  • Kirlin Jack To Jack Cables from Kirlin Jack To Jack Cables from

    Kirlin Jack To Jack Cables

    The Kirlin instrument cables are designed so the signal coming from your guitar will have a clear path all the way through to your effects, amps and out your speakers. Kirlin does this by using silver plated Copper that is Oxygen free. The Kirlin cables...

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  • Dunlop Delrin Plectrums

    Dunlop Delrin Plectrums

    Dunlop Delrin Picks Dunlop Delrin Picks are the classic Dunlop Delrin plectrum. It has been around for a long time and the reason is not only its high quality materials, but also it's slick surface, nice firm grip, quick attack and release, and it's...

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  • Kyser Capo Kyser Capo Ireland

    Kyser Capos

      Kyser Capo The Kyser Capo remains has been the best selling guitar capo in Ireland for decades. The Kyser Guitar Capo is specially designed to be moved and released quickly, the Kyser Capo works just as a...

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  • Jim Dunlop 83CN Trigger Capo

    Dunlop Trigger Capos

    These Capos from Dunlop are specially designed for the acoustic or electric guitar, whether this one has 6 or 12 strings. It is curved and the shape fits most commercially available instruments. It's ergonomic shape and padded handle also makes it easy...

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  • Glider Rolling Capo

    Glider Rolling Capo

    The Glider Capo was the first capo designed to move between frets whist remaining attatched to your guitar. This innovative design uses a rubber roller on the back of the instrument neck that rolls as you move it between frets.Once in place you can roll...

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