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Guitar Slides

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  • Kinsman KAC502 Chrome Guitar Slide

    Kinsman KAC502 Chrome Guitar Slide

    This is the Kinsman Chrome Slide. It delivers a snappy sustain with bright tone. With a smooth feel it will complement whatever style of music you play. From the blues to country or even rock, this slide has you covered. It is lightweight and gives a...

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  • Dunlop Shy Slide

    Dunlop Shy Slide

    This is the shy slide which will allow you to have a greater expression palette to play with. Since it can play slide notes with regular notes at the same time it opens up worlds of expressiveness. You can combine slide notes that are continuous with the...

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  • Dunlop Chrome Slides

    Dunlop Chrome Slides

    This is Dunlop's chrome slide, it is brighter than the brass one. It has a short sustain but it is very smooth to play. It is ideal for electric guitar because it is comfortable and lighter in weight than other metal slides. They come in different...

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