D'addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings


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  • D'addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings Ireland
  • D'addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings
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D'addario NYXL Strings

D'addario NYXL Strings are their latest design in string technology. Daddario NYXL guitar strings will surprise you because of their durability (you can bend these strings up 2 whole steps without them even going out of tune) and improved sustain. These strings were developed in New York through a new process called “Fusion twist” which is a reinvention of the drawing process that delivers greater stability with longer string life. Nyxl strings are meant to stand heavier pick attacks so you'll be able to take your guitar playing to a whole new level of intensity. The new Nickel plated process also delivers greater magnetic responses for higher output and improved midrange frequency response.

  • Increase durability
  • Stands up to greater pick attack for a more intense performance
  • New “Fusion Twist” drawing process for stronger NYXL strings
  • New nickel plated process for increase mid-range frequency responses
  • Made in the USA
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1918
  • View our full range of D'addario Strings or visit D'addario Strings's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.

NYXL Strings Gauges:

NYXL0838 Extra Super Light: Plain Steel 8 / 10 / 15, Nickel Wound 21 / 30 / 38

NYXL0942 Super Light Plain Steel 9 / 11 / 16, Nickel Wound 24 / 32 / 42

NYXL0946 Light Plain Steel 9 / 11 / 16, Nickel Wound 26 / 36 / 46

NYXL1052 Light Top Hvy Bot Plain Steel 10 / 13 / 17, Nickel Wound 30 / 42 / 52

NYXL1149 Medium Plain Steel 11 / 14 / 18, Nickel Wound 28 / 38 / 49

D'addario NYXL Strings For Electric Guitar and us...

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