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D'addario Pacato Hearing Protection


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D'addario Pacato Hearing Protection

D'addario hearing protection solution. These audio filter ear buds will stop high decibels harming your ear while keeping the low decibels fully audible. You can still hear the full frequency spectrum but will not be in danger of hearing damage due to loudness. The D'Addario/Planet Waves company knows what musicians need, and this product is another one in a very long line of specifically designed tools for the professional as well as the amateur musician.

The comfortable ear buds allow air to pass through the ear and prevent occlusion (when you hear those uncomfortable low frequencies). Take care of your hearing, as musicians your ears are your main work tool.

Remember that a musician is four times more likely to suffer from hearing loss than a regular individual. As a matter of fact in a recent study done in Germany the majority of people suffering from hearing loss or hearing related diseases were musicians. Diseases like tinnitus, which is when you can't stop hearing a loud sustained note all the time are 57 percent more likely to appear in musicians. Protect your hearing, don't play on stage without ear protection. Even during rehearsal, don't go too loud. Remember play smart, not loud.

D'addario Pacato Hearing Protection Summary:

  • Noise reduction of 19dB
  • Will stop loud sounds
  • Universal fit
  • Reusable
  • Comes with a carrying pouch

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