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D'addario Cello Strings 

D'addario Cello Strings Single Prelude are one of the best cello strings on the market. These are the single version of these strings. You can get any of the 4 from the set.

If you are looking for a string with a quick bow response and a bright rich tone that will stay in tune after a short settling time, these are it. The preludes are made of steel core making it an all metal string. What this means is that the solid steel core will deliver the warmest sound (due to its dampening process) while lasting for a long time and at an affordable price. All of this with a medium tension that will still give you great projection and volume. These strings will not be affected by humidity and temperature oscillation, unlike gut core strings.

These strings are especially suited for the beginner or an intermediate cello student because of the medium tension and warm sound quality. It is, however, a good string for every level of ability.

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