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D'addario XL Strings Bulk Shop 

The D'addario Bulk Shop is an innovative special package containing 25 Sets of either EXL110, EXL120 or EXL115. Each string is held in a bundle so you can easily pull out your required string gauge.
Ideal for serious gigging musicians looking to buy in bulk or lutheriers. 

D'addario EXL Strings remain D'addario's best selling Electric Guitar strings. For years they've been preferred by musicians looking for the ideal combination of tone and flexibility. Daddario XL's come fitted as standard on many electric guitars you buy at stores. So, the whole world can't be wrong, give them a try. D'addario XL Strings are the best selling gauge in the XL range.

Daddario XL Strings are XL strings are all made with the highest quality Nickel wounding wrapped around a high carbon steel hexagonal core wire. This combination gives your set a recognisable tone that is bright and punchy.

D'addario XL Bulk Shop Strings summary:


EXL110 10 / 13 / 17 / 26 / 36 / 46
EXL120 9 / 11 / 16 / 24 / 32 /42
EXL115 11 / 14 / 18 / 28 / 38 / 49

D'addario XL Bulk Strings and us...

Strings.ie is an authorised dealer of D'addario Strings, we source our products from official distributors to guarantee the quality guitarists expect.


Diameter Tension
Item# Note inches mm lbs kg
PL010 E 0.010 0.25 16.2 7.35
PL013 B 0.013 0.33 15.4 6.98
PL017 G 0.017 0.43 16.6 7.53
NW026 D 0.026 0.66 18.4 8.34
NW036 A 0.036 0.91 19.5 8.84
NW046 E 0.046 1.17 17.5 7.94
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