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Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky Electric Guitar Strings


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Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky Strings

Ernie Ball Slinky Strings have been THE "go to" set for most Electric Guitarists for decades. From Clapton, Mayer, Vai, guitarists trust their sound to Ernie Ball's Slinky strings making them the world's best selling electric Guitar strings. No wonder, since they are precision made to the highest standard. These are Nickel Plated steel wrapped around a hex shape steel core deliver a bright punchy tone consistently.

And for 7-String Guitars Players you're now covered with 7-String Slinky Sets.

Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky Strings Summary:

Sku Description Gauges
2623 7-String Super Slinky 9-52 009p / 011p / 016p / 024w / 032w / 042w / 052w
2621 7-String Regular Slinky 10-56 010p / 013p / 017p / 026w / 036w / 046w / 056w
2620 7-String Power Slinky 11-58 011p / 014w / 018p / 028w / 038w / 048w / 058w

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