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Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes are a handy single use solution that come in a sachet. They're sold individually or the 3 pack contains one of each type. 

  • The String Cleaner cleans & extends the life of your strings in one easy swipe. Ernie Ball's proprietary lubricating formula eliminates acid, dirt, and grime while maximising the life and tone of your strings.

  • The Instrument Polish gives a brilliant Shine and protection In one easy swipe. This chemically engineered formula eliminates unwanted haze and streak marks while preserving your instrument's original appeal.

  • The Fretboard Conditioner nourishes your neck in minutes, A unique blend of orange, jojoba and linseed oils eliminate dirt and grime off your fretboard in one easy swipe!

  • The 3 Pack includes one of each of the string cleaner, instrument polish and fretboard conditioner. 

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