Herco Vintage '66 Picks



Herco Vintage '66 Picks

In the mid-1960s, when guitar-driven music was groovier than a lava lamp, the Herco nylon pick was the go-to choice for every hip guitarist. Dunlop is now bringing back that legendary pick with the Herco Vintage '66 Series, reviving its classic tone and feel.

We took a far-out journey into our archives, meticulously studying our collection of original Herco molds and picks from the 1960s. This allowed us to recreate the Vintage '66 Series with such uncanny accuracy that even our pick experts had a hard time telling them apart from the originals.

Herco Vintage '66 Nylon Picks are available in the timeless Bold Gold (light) and Hi-Yo Silver (heavy), as well as Extra Light (White). Grab one and get ready to groove like it’s 1966!

Herco Vintage '66 Picks summary:


Medium 0.55 mm
Heavy 0.75 mm


Herco Vintage '66 Picks and us... is an authorised dealer of Herco, we source our products from official distributors to guarantee the quality musicians expect.

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