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The Kyser Capo has been the best selling guitar capo in Ireland for decades. The Kyser Guitar Capo is specially designed to be moved and released quickly, the Kyser Capo works just as a guitar capo should with the minimum of fuss. Whether you are backing the lads at the local trad session or serenading your girlfriend's grandma, you'll be sure to never miss a key change in between songs with the best selling quick-change Guitar Capo of all time at your disposal.

Kyser capos allow Guitarists to change quickly between fret positions with the one hand clamp design. They're made of lightweight aluminium to keep the Kyser capo light and easy on your hands. They also offer great stability and intonation to keep your guitar in tune and playing your songs without constant tuning adjustments.

The Kyser Capo is also now available in a great range of colours too. From classic black, silver and gold capos to the vibrant 60's hippy tie-dye capo, you'll not only have a great guitar capo, you'll be in fashion too! Click the options above to see the corresponding colour images and instruments from Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele and Mandolin. 

The Kyser capo is made at Kyser's own factory in Texas,  USA with precision engineering to produce the perfect Guitar Capos since 1981 when Milton Kyser set up shop after a guitar-playing friend complained about those god-damn awful elastic capos! Remember those! 
These quality capos have won the hearts of guitarists the world over. 

Also available, the replacement Kyser Capo Boots! Whilst there are many cheap Chinese capos on the market, when the rubber contacts ware out you'll be up S**t Creek without a paddle. But with the Kyser capo, you can simply order a new rubber capo boot and bob's your uncle, you're back in business saving you money and the environment!  

  • Ireland's best selling guitar capo
  • Variety of Kyser capos for different instruments & uses
  • Made of lightweight aluminium
  • Clamp quick-change system
  • Made in Texas, USA
  • Making Guitar Capos since 1981
  • Store the Kyser capo on your headstock when not in use
  • View our full range of Kyser Products or visit Kyser's Website for more details on their guitar capos.

Kyser Capo Choices:

  • Kyser KG6B Acoustic Guitar Capo
  • Kyser KG12B12 String Guitar Capo
  • Kyser KBMB Banjo/Mandolin Capo
  • Kyser KGCB Classical Guitar Capo
  • Kyser KGEB Electric Guitar Capo
  • Kyser KGDB Drop D Capo

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