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La Bella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings


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La Bella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings

La Bella 2001 strings series is one of the most popular classical guitar string sets available in the market today. They come in a variety of tensions to fit any instrument or musician's requirements. The basses are made with an improved wire ratio to nylon filament core. The trebles are made with Nylon 202, a proprietary new nylon material made by Richard Mari Cocco Jr. specially for the 2001 series. It delivers superior sensitivity to the touch, higher clarity and extraordinary projection.

Use light tension on your vintage or older instruments. Higher tensions for improved projection and responsiveness. The most popular tension is the medium tension set, which is known to most classical guitarists. These will give you the most power with the greatest tonal details and ranges.

La Bella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings Summary


2001 Light Tension 28 / 32 / 40 / 28 / 33.5 / 41

2001 Medium Tension 29 / 33.5 / 41 / 28.5 / 35 / 41.5

2001 Heavy Tension 30 / 33.5 / 41 / 29 / 36.5 / 44

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