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Pitch Key Drop D Tuning Tool

Pitchkey is perfect if you switch tunings a lot, for example; Standard to Drop-D and back again, you'll know it's a pain to keep retuning. It takes time, and when you're on stage you want to minimise faffing about between numbers trying to get in tune. Or perhaps you have a piece where the first half is in Drop-D, and you'd like the change to standard for the 2nd part, but there's just not enough time to make the tuning change. Well, now there is finally a gadget to resolve this common tuning problem.

Enter the Pitch Key, a tool that fits to your Guitar/String and allows you to preset two separate pitches. Read on to learn how.....

Attaching the Pitchkey to your E String, after the Nut, you set the first preset pitch, Perhaps Drop-D. Then a quick turn of the rotating thumb wheel key you can set your second preset Pitch such as standard E. Every Guitar is slightly different which is why the pitch Key includes a fine-tuning Hex key. So you tune your Guitar to Drop-D, fit the Pitch-Key, turn the wheel to bring you up to E and then fine tune the E to suit your instrument. That's it. Pitch-Key is now setup for your instrument.

  • Easy peasy to fit, and you can leave it on your guitar permanently.

  • Onlike other solutions, Pitchkey can be fine-tuned at setup for your particular Guitar.

  • Using the Pitch Key, you can change your tuning in 2–3 seconds with a simple turn of the wheel!!!

  • Perfect for Drop-D to Standard and Back or other tunings.

  • Can be used on any Steel Strings, not just your E string.
  • Quality engineered strong metal in chrome finish.

  • Can be removed and fitted again in no time.

Not suitable for Nylon Strings

pitch key tuning Diagram

pitch key tuning tool instructions

pitch key tuning tool instructions

pitch key tuning tool instructions

pitch key tuning tool instructions


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