Rock Master Wounds Electric Guitar Strings


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Rock Master Wounds Electric Guitar Strings

Rock Master Wounds Electric Guitar Strings come with a wound third G string for those that just prefer it that way. Popular with players who like the heavier feel and tone that the wound 3rd string delivers.
Rock Master Strings deliver quality performance and musical tone and are available in two versions:

Rock Master Standard String wires deliver premium performance, tone and feel with high magnetic output.

Rock Master Pro String wires take you to the next level using the best string wires available to improve tuning stability and break resistance, they're the best of the best!

Rock Master Strings are individually hand packed by us at at the time of your order and labelled and dated making them the freshest strings available and contained in an eco biodegradable package with zero plastic!

Rock Master Wounds Electric Guitar Strings Summary:

  • Sets with a wound third G
  • Nickel Wound
  • Ball-End
  • Available in standard or pro wires
  • Freshest strings available
  • Eco Packaging
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09-44: 09p 12p 17w 24w 34w 44w
10-46: 10p 13p 18w 26w 36w 46w
11-50: 11p 14p 20w 28w 38w 50w
11-52: 11p 15p 22w 30w 42w 52w
12-52: 12p 15p 24w 32w 40w 52w
12-54: 12p 16p 24w 34w 44w 54w
13-54: 13p 17p 26w 34w 44w 54w

P = Plain / W = Wound

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