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Trad Master Tenor Guitar Customer Sets

While Trad Master Phosphor Bronze Tenor Guitar Strings cover most needs, sometimes customers have specific gauges and requirements not found in off the shelf string sets.

Trad Master Tenor Guitar Customer Sets are built specifically to customer's requirements and are available to order on demand. 
If you'd like to have your own custom Tenor Guitar string set included here please Click Here to submit your requirements and we will get back to you. 

Trad Master Strings are individually hand packed by us at at the time of your order and labelled and dated making them the freshest strings available and contained in an eco biodegradable package with zero plastic!

Trad Master Custom Tenor Guitar Strings Summary:

  • Customised for customer
  • Phosphor bronze or nickel wound
  • Ball-End
  • Freshest strings available
  • Eco Packaging
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Roland Williams 12-42 Ball-End Phosphor Bronze 012p / 017w / 027w / 042w for 23inch scale tenor guitar tuned to GDAE.
Patsy Toland 12-40 Ball-End Nickel Wound 012p / 022w / 030w / 040w for Electric Tenor Guitar
Patsy Toland 12-42 Ball-End Phosphor Bronze 012p / 022w / 032w / 042w 
Brían MacGloinn 15-47 Ball-End Phosphor Bronze 015p / 024w / 035w / 047w

P = Plain / W = Wound

Looking for custom gauge sets? Click Here to request!

Trad Master Custom Tenor Guitar Strings and us... is an authorised dealer of Trad Master Strings, we source our products from official distributors to bring you the quality you expect.

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