Free Plectrums Gauges

Regular customers know we like to throw in a couple of complimentary plectrums with orders. 
We try to guess what gauge of picks a customer might like based on their choice of strings in the order but we know some customer might not get the gauge they prefer. Unfortunately, we currently don't have a facility to allow customer to choose what gauge they would prefer at the checkout but we have a workaround. 

When filling out your customer details place the following after your name:

(L) = Light
(M) = Medium
(H) = Heavy

So, for example put your choice after your name in the shipping address like this: Joe Bloggs (M)

As we pack your order we will see your address label has an indication to your preference and will try to include free plectrums in your preferred gauge. 

If you use your customer account at you can save your details for all future orders. 

27th May 2022

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