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We've put together this guide for our customers to get the most out of Let's get stuck in...

Save Money

  • Get 5% off!

First thing to mention is when you buy two or more of the same item, you'll get an instant 5% off the item price listed on our website. There's no need to do anything, once you add two or more of the same item to the cart the lower price will be automatically applied at the checkout.

  • Coupon Codes

Coupon or discount codes can be used at our checkout to get additional discounts. If you're not sure how to use codes Click Here for Instructions.

  • Specials

You'll find most of our specials listed on our specials page which you can always check by visiting There you will find coupon codes, promotions and products currently on sale.
You'll also find some promotion banners on our home page.
Our email newsletter goes out 2 or 3 times a month and contains exclusive offers not listed on the site along with new product news and others things of interest. Sign up here.

Get Help

Our Help Section is a great place to check if you're having issues with our website. We've put together frequently asked questions with answers.

As always you can contact us at, we usually get back to you within minutes during PM time.

Know Your Way Around

Finding products and navigating the website is easy. First, you can always search. Type in a product code if you know it like 'Martin MA140' or 'Ernie Ball Slinky'. If you don't know the products, try the instrument such as 'Banjo Strings'. The search box is always at the top of our website.

You can also search by first navigating through our category menus. On the website, left hand side you'll see all our product categories, on the mobile site click the 3 line menu button.

14th Jan 2023

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