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Guide To Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings

20th Jan 2014

Martin offers a wide range of Acoustic Guitar strings. Strings can be very personal with the feel and sound being important to the individual player. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose which Martin Guitar Strings are right for you and your instrument.

Martin Traditional Strings

One of the best sellers! Martin’s standard strings are affordable and reliable. They come in either 80/20 Bronze or Phosphor Bronze. These strings are perfect for the casual player. 80/20 also available in discounted 3 packs.

Martin SP Strings

If you’re out gigging and recording you need a string that can really hold up. Martin’s SP range would be the right choice for you. The SP strings have a high tensile strength core wire and finished with a higher quality wrap wire. These strings will take more of a beating and hold tunings for a lot longer so if you’re doing a lot of drop tuning or adjusting your playing style, Martin SP Strings are the ones for you.

Martin SP Lifespan Strings

If you’re an SP user but require longer tone life then Life Span Strings are for you. These are treated using the Cleartone patented string treatment to keep the dirt, slime and sweat off the strings. If you’re a string killer these are for you.

Martin FX Strings

These have a thinner core wire providing more flexibility but still the same tension to your top. This means no sacrifice in volume but increased flexibility. This makes these strings a great choice for beginners who struggle to press the strings down or for busy players suffering from finger fatigue. These Strings are also the choice of Guitar Virtuoso, Tony Emanuel.

Martin Marquis Strings

If you have a vintage Guitar, the Marquis Strings have a silk thread around the ball end to protect your bridge and saddle. This also helps the bridge pins fit more tightly. Some players say the silk wrap also mellows the string sound.

Martin Signature Strings

Martin Clapton Strings, endorsed by Eric Clapton are perfect for rock and blues.
Martin Tony Rice Monel Strings ark back to the pre 1970’s before Bronze/Phosphor was used and Monel was the material for Acoustic Guitars. These certainly have a different sound and often associated with Country and Bluegrass.