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  • D'addario Folk Nylon Ball End Guitar Strings


D'addario Folk Nylon Strings

D'addario Folk Nylon Strings bring you these two new styles of the Folk Style Nylon strings. The EJ33 feature bronze 80/20 for the low strings. The bronze makes them sound full and bright which break to a warm sound. The EJ32 in contrast feature silver wound low strings. The silver makes the bass sound brighter and break to a fuller crispy sound.

Daddario Folk Nylon Strings Both sets are accompanied with high quality nylon for the traditional classic guitar sound. The nylon on the EJ33 however is clear and on the EJ32 is black. Both bass and treble from these sets are well balance to provide clarity and sustain, low finger noise and playability. Also, the whole set comes with ball ends for ease of installation on any instrument.

D'addario Folk Nylon Strings summary:


D'addario EJ32 28 / 32 / 40 / 31 / 37 / 45

D'addario EJ33 28 / 32 / 40 / 31 / 37 / 45

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