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Pirastro Violin Fiddle Strings

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  • Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings

    The Tonica strings are the most versatile string set made by Pirastro. Made in Germany from the highest quality materials the Tocata family of strings is made from synthetic core materials made of Nylon for increased flexibility. These strings are highly...

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  • Pirastro Piranito Violin Set

    Pirastro Piranito Violin Set

    The Pirastro Piranito strings are made in Germany. They are specially designed for the student violinist that wants a great tone coming from their instrument without having to pay a fortune for it. The Piranito are made of a single filament steel core...

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  • Pirastro Oliv Rosin

    Pirastro Oliv Evah Rosin

    The oliv rosin is produced by Pirastro at their factory in Offenbach, Germany. It has been produced with the finest natural materials for over 200 years. The oliv rosin is a relatively soft rosin, meaning that it goes on smoother to your bow. It doesn't...

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