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D'addario Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings


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  • D'addario Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings
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  • D'addario Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings
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D'addario Pure Nickel Strings

D'addario Pure Nickel Strings revisit the old Pure Nickel strings that stopped being popular for string manufacturing in the 60's. Lots of guitarist however missed the warm rich tone of the 50's. To cater to those craving the vintage sound, D'Addario has brought back the Pure Nickel Guitar Strings range. These are made to reproduce those warm twangy Duane Eddy tones.

The sets are made with precise windings over a hexagonal core wire under strict quality control. This will guarantee consistency of tone from string set to string set. So, whether you play blues, classic rock or Rockabilly, give the Pure Nickel electrics from D'Addario a try.

The Pure Nickel .011's are on all my electrics ... I like the definition and warmth of these strings and I don't have to worry about them being too bright when they are first put on. Just right!' - Keith Urban's guitarist Chris Rodriguez

D'addario Pure Nickel Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
EPN120 Extra Light 9-41 009p / 011p / 016p / 023w / 031w / 041w
EPN110 Light 10-45 010p / 013p / 017p / 025w / 035w / 045w
EPN115 Medium 11-48 011p / 014p / 018p / 027w / 037w / 048w
EPN21 Medium 12-51 012p / 016p / 023w / 031w / 041w / 051w


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