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D'addario Zyex Violin Strings


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  • D'addario Zyex Violin Strings
  • D'addario Zyex Violin Strings
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D'addario Zyex Violin Strings

D'addario Zyex Violin Strings brings you the newest violin string technology. The synthetic core gives these violin strings an extremely warm and complex sound. They are also  unaffected by the weather and when settled in delivers a warmer sound than most other strings. This makes them perfect for bright sounding instruments.

The Zyex are specially designed to fit a variety of instrument sizes. They also come in a variety of tensions to fit with the artist preference or instrument requirement. In the DZ310A which is the medium tension, the D string is wound with aluminium. The medium tension of this set will give you more projection and volume potential. The DZ310S, in contrast, has a D string that is silver wound.

D'addario Zyex Violin Strings summary:

String Tensions

D'addario DZ310A Medium Tension

D'addario DZ310A Heavy Tension

D'addario DZ310S Medium Tension

D'addario DZ310S Heavy Tension

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