Dunlop Delrin Plectrums



Dunlop Delrin Picks

Dunlop Delrin Picks are the classic Dunlop Delrin plectrum. It has been around for a long time and the reason is not only its high quality materials, but also it's slick surface, nice firm grip, quick attack and release, and it's variety of gauges to choose from. While in other places you'll get only light, medium and heavy; Dunlop delivers them by the millimeter. Comes in a variety of colors, please pick the gauge before ordering.

Dunlop Delrin Picks summary:


0.46mm 12 Pack
0.71mm 12 Pack
0.96mm 12 Pack
1.14mm 12 Pack
1.5mm 12 Pack
2.0mm 12 Pack

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