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Dunlop Nylon Picks

Dunlop Nylon Picks have been the industry standard for years and years. One of their most successful products is what people call “The Grey Picks” which groups their standard size plectrums. They are made of Nylon and are known for their reliability and endurance. The .60mm Plectrum is probably the best selling plectrum of all time!

Nylon Picks are virtually unbreakable and last for years. The lighter gauges are ideal for acoustic guitar strumming while the heavier gauges work great for picking on Electric Guitar or instruments like Mandolin and Banjo. The heavier gauge Nylon Picks delivers a softer mellow tone that some refer to vintage sound. 

If, however you can't find a thickness you like for your nylon pick, don't worry Dunlop has you covered; The Midi line of Nylon Picks has the “in-between gauges” from the greys. The Midi line comes in vibrant colours to choose from, so you'll get all the technology and advantages of the greys but in your own custom gauge, the .67mm Orange is a particular favourite.

The Dunlop Max-Grip Plectrums provides an extra grip via an engineered grid to provide a non-slip surface for those who need a little extra help holding the pick. 

Dunlop Nylon Picks are the preferred choice for Acoustic Guitar Strummers across the world!

A Little History of Nylon Picks

Back in the day musicians used Tortoise Shell but for obvious reasons when plastic technology became of age, Celluloid was a popular replacement for tortoiseshell. The Herco Picks brand had been experimenting with nylon as a material for picks and when Dunlop acquired the Herco Picks brand it wasn't long before Jim Dunlop had their own range of nylon Picks which quickly caught on. 

Dunlop Nylon Picks Summary:

  • High-Quality Nylon
  • Industry-standard Plectrums
  • Reliable and resilient
  • Comes in a variety of gauges
  • Ideal for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin
  • View our full range of Dunlop or visit Dunlop's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.

Dunlop Nylon Plectrum Gauges

Dunlop 0.38mm 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.46mm 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.53mm Midi Red 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.60mm 12 Pack BEST SELLER
Dunlop 0.67mm Midi Orange 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.73mm 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.80mm Midi Yellow 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.88mm 12 Pack
Dunlop 0.94mm Midi Green 12 Pack
Dunlop 1.0mm 12 Pack
Dunlop 1.07mm Midi Blue 12 Pack
Dunlop 1.14mm Midi Purple 12 Pack

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