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Elixir Plain Ball End Anti Rust Single Strings


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Elixir Plain Steel Guitar String

Elixir Plain Steel Guitar String are the single versions from the popular elixir sets. Whether you want to find replacement strings or you want a customised gauge set, these are for you. They also come with Elixir's anti-rust plating technology making yours strings last at least 3-5 times longer than competitor strings.

Elixir Plain Steel Guitar String summary:


Sku Description Gauges
13009 Single Plain String (09) 009p
13010 Single Plain String (10) 010p
13011 Single Plain String (11) 011p
13012 Single Plain String (12) 012p
13013 Single Plain String (13) 013p
13014 Single Plain String (14) 014p
13015 Single Plain String (15) 015p
13016 Single Plain String (16) 016p
13017 Single Plain String (17) 017p
13018 Single Plain String (18) 018p
13022 Single Plain String (22) 022p

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