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Elixir Polyweb Bronze Wound Single Strings


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  • Elixir Polyweb Bronze Wound Single Strings
  • Elixir Polyweb Bronze Wound Single Strings


Elixir Polyweb Single Strings

Elixir Polyweb Single Strings with Elixir Polyweb coating keeps the gunk, oil, sweat away from your string. This makes your product keep sounding fresh and crisp. In contrast with the NANOWEB coating, the Polyweb sounds warmer; it gives you that broken in sound of Bronze strings.

Elixir Polyweb Single Strings Elixir Bronze strings are made with a bronze 80/20 alloy which delivers a warmer more full tone. Since this string has a Polyweb coating on it, you'll feel the strings cleaner and silkier to play. The Polyweb coat also makes the string have less finger squeak.

Elixir Polyweb Single Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
13122 Single Wound String (22) 022w
13123 Single Wound String (23) 023w
13124 Single Wound String (24) 024w
13126 Single Wound String (26) 026w
13127 Single Wound String (27) 027w
13128 Single Wound String (28) 028w
13130 Single Wound String (30) 030w
13132 Single Wound String (32) 032w
13135 Single Wound String (35) 035w
13139 Single Wound String (39) 039w
13142 Single Wound String (42) 042w
13145 Single Wound String (45) 045w
13147 Single Wound String (47) 047w
13152 Single Wound String (52) 052w
13153 Single Wound String (53) 053w
13156 Single Wound String (56) 056w
13159 Single Wound String (59) 059w

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80/20 Bronze
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