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Elixir Polyweb Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


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  • Elixir Polyweb Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Ireland
  • Elixir Polyweb Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Elixir Polyweb Strings

Elixir Polyweb Strings with Polyweb coating keeps the gunk, oil, sweat away from your string. This makes your product keep sounding fresh and crisp. In contrast to the NANOWEB coating, the Polyweb sounds warmer; it gives you that broken-in sound of Bronze strings.

Elixir Bronze strings are made with a bronze 80/20 alloy which delivers a warmer more full tone. Since this string has a Polyweb coating on it, you'll feel the strings cleaner and silkier to play. The Polyweb coat also makes the string have less finger squeak.

Elixir Polyweb Strings summary:

These classic Elixir guitar strings provide warm tone and smooth response of "played-in" strings right out of the box!

"I don't know how Elixir managed to improve upon the best, but they did! I find the new Elixir Plated Plain Steel strings require even less maintenance and last considerably longer while maintaining the same excellence in tone, clarity and intonation I have come to expect from Elixir Strings," said world-renowned guitar player Johnny Hiland.

This set is also available in the finer Nanoweb coating.

Sku Description Gauges
11000 Extra Light 10-47 010p / 014p / 023w / 030w / 039w / 047w
11025 Custom Light 11-52 011p / 015p / 022w / 032w / 042w / 052w
11050 Light 12-53 012p / 016p / 024w / 032w / 042w / 053w
11075 Light-Medium 12-56 012p / 016p / 024w / 035w / 045w / 056w
11100 Medium 13-56 013p / 017p / 026w / 035w / 045w / 056w



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