Hohner PentaHarp (Blues Harmonica)


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Hohner PentaHarp (Blues Harmonica)

The trouble with regular Harmonicas is when it comes to playing blues you have to transpose. For example, to play blues in the key of A you'd need to use a Harmonica in the key of E to find the notes of the pentatonic/blues scale. For experienced players with a selection of harmonicas in different keys this is no issue but for beginners this can be a frustrating, confusing and expensive thing to get your head around.

Enter the Hohner Pentraharp Harmonica. Want to play a Blues in A? use the AM Key. Want to play a blues in E? Use the Em keys, it does what it says on the tin. 
The Pentaharp Harmonica is well made and b
ased on the established Special 20 harmonica.

Hohner PentaHarp (Blues Harmonica) Summary

  • Solves the issue of finding the right key for blues. A Blues = AM Harmonica
  • Minor pentatonic scale with the added “blue note”, so no bending is needed to play the blues scale
  • Based on the Classic Special 20 Harmonica
  • Loud, Rich full musical tone

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