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Savarez New Cristal Classic Guitar Strings


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Savarez New Cristal Strings

Savarez New Cristal Strings introduces their new treble strings: The Cristals. They are named so because they deliver a tone that is pure and bright like that of a crystal. The sound quality is crisp and transparent with great feel and playability. With their cutting edge technology they have made a string with constant diameter which provides accurate tension for consistency.

Savarez New Cristal Strings are paired with the traditional rigid HT classic bass strings. They deliver an ideal response for fast playing. They also give you a big percussive sound with added volume and power.

Savarez New Cristal Strings summary:


540 CR Normal Tension 28.7 / 32.7 / 40.6 / 29.1 / 35

540 CJ High Tension 29.5 / 33.5 / 41.3 / 29.9 / 35.8

540 CRJ Mixed Tension 28.7 / 32.7 / 40.6 / 29.9 / 35.8 / 44.1

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