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Shubb capos have been an industry standard since they entered the market back in the 1970's. They are easy to use, sturdy and will not require you to re tune your instrument once you have installed the shubb capo. The Shubb capos can be positioned, moved and removed quickly. If there was one industry standard capo, it would be the Shubb.

They come made with two materials: Nickel or Brass & Black. They can be installed on a variety of instruments and fretboard diameters

  • Won't pull your strings out of tune
  • Easy lever action makes it easy to use
  • A roller makes the action smoother
  • Quick to set up and remove
  • Comes for a variety of applications and instruments
  • Millions sold worldwide

Available for

C1 6 String Guitar capo (Nickel)

C1K 6 String Guitar Noir (Black)

C2 Nylon Guitar capo (Nickel)

C5 Banjo/Mandolin capo (Nickel)

C9b Ukulele capo (Brass)

C3 12 String Guitar capo

C4 For 7.25" Radius Fretboard


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