Thalia Pick Puck


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Thalia Pick Puck

The Thalia Pick Puck is a patent-pending guitar pick holder. Stick anywhere that is most convenient for you! 

Thalia Pick Pucks attach using their GuitarSafe™ Micro-Suction pads, which are modelled after a gecko's foot.
It fits picks up to 2.0mm and this version is made with black ebony with an officially approved Gibson logo.
If the Thalia Pick Puck loses some of its bonding power, simply wipe the Micro-Suction pad with a damp cloth to remove the dust, and it will work as good as new. To remove the pick puck, you simply pull up very slowly on one edge to break the suction.

*Pick Pucks do not include the picks shown in photos.

Thalia Pick Puck Summary:

  • Premium pick holder
  • Holds picks up to 2.0mm
  • Place anywhere 

Thalia Pick Puck And Us... is an authorised dealer of Thalia Strings, we source our products from official distributors to guarantee the quality Guitarists Players expect.
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