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Thomastik 1244 Tenor Banjo Strings 10-31


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Thomastik Banjo Strings 1244 Tenor 10-31

Part of Thomastik Precision Steel line of strings, the Thomastick 1244 Tenor Banjo Strings are made with the highest European grade materials. These add a lot of cost to production but it delivers one of the best banjo string sets in available. The Precision Steel line are made for high precision instruments like violins, viola & cello. The low strings are flat wound chrome steel, which gives a good open sound with a bright tone. The high strings are plain steel and together they give you great tuning, stability and a great bright tone.

Thomastik Banjo Strings 1244 Tenor 10-31 summary:

Sku Description Gauges
1244 Flatwound Tenor Banjo Strings 10-31 010p / 015p / 021w / 031w

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