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Augustine Classic Strings

It was back in the 1940s that Albert Augustine collaborated with Andres Segovia to tackle the problems associated with animal gut strings and they turned to a new material known as Nylon, which as we know is now the industry standard for classical and flamenco guitar strings. 
The Augustine string range is now one of the most respected in the industry, and their Classic series is a go to for beginners and professionals across the world. 

This range comes in a variety of tensions to suit every player and their guitar;

Classic Yellow: Regular Tension Trebles / Light Tension Basses
Classic Black: Regular Tension Trebles / Light Tension Basses
Classic Red: Regular Tension Trebles / Medium Tension Basses
Classic Blue: Regular Tension Trebles / High Tension Basses

The blue, red, and black sets have silver-plated copper wound basses, while the gold set has gold-plated copper wound basses that are slightly heavier tension than the black set. 

Augustine Strings Summary

  • Designed in the 1940s 
  • One of the best known Nylon guitar strings on the market
  • Nylon with either silver-plated copper bases or gold-plated
  • Made in the USA 

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