Gift Certificates for Musicians

Gift Certificates for Musicians

You may not know this but we have an automated Gift Certificate product at

The way it works is you fill out the form, pay for it and then an email containing the certificate code is automatically emailed to your recipient. 

You are asked to provide a recipient's email address and to choose a theme such as Christmas, Birthday, etc. The theme is just the flavour of the email that is sent to the recipient. 
The email they receive contains the gift certificate code which they can use at along with your personal message. It's easy and quick and perfect for those last minute gift ideas. 

Some customers prefer to put the gift certificate code in a physical card. To do this, just put yourself as the recipient and the code will be emailed to you. Just copy the code into your card if you prefer. 

That's it. Check out our Automated Gift Certificates and see how easy it is to send your musician buddies a gift they'll really appreciate. 

20th Nov 2016

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