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Posted by on 22nd Oct 2019

Welcome back La Bella Strings...

La Bella Strings has returned to the range.

Our first shipment has arrived and includes the popular 2001 Classical Guitar Strings
and their Elite range with gold/black nylon trebles.

For Trad players we have a set designed specifically for Irish Bouzouki,
an unusual Silver Plated Mandolin String as well as Phosphor Mandolin Strings that
include a light and heavy gauge outside the ranges of most other brands.

For Banjo players we've a unique Silver Plated Silk infused set for soft touch and sweet tone.

And for Acoustic Guitar we have their popular Phos Bronze sets and their 80/20 Brass Sets
which includes a proper heavy 14-58 set for players who like a bit more meat on the tone bone.

La Bella are a small string maker in the USA who make their strings by hand
and all sets are made to order so our stock is literally only a week off the production line. is the only La Bella dealer in Ireland and we'll be expanding the range further on future shipments.