Dunlop Variety Pack Picks

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Dunlop Variety Pack Picks

Sometimes you just don't know what guitar pick is for you. As the world's best selling Plectrum maker, Dunlop have come up with these variety packs to give you a taste of their range of plectrums.
Each pack contains various types and gauges to give you a broad range to explore.

Dunlop Variety Pack Picks Summary:


PVP101 LT/MED  Pack of 12 Plectrums: Tortex .60mm, Tortex .73mm, Ultex .60mm, Ultex Sharp .73mm, Celluloid Shell (Thin), Celluloid Shell (Medium), Nylon Standard .60mm, Nylon Standard .73mm, Max-Grip .60mm, Max-Grip .73mm, Gator Grip .58mm, and Gator Grip .71mm.

PVP113 Electric Pack of 12 Plectrums:  Ultex 2.0, Tortex .88, Tortex 1.0, Tortex 1.14, Gator Grip .96, Gator Grip 1.14, Max Grip Jazz III, Max Grip Jazz III, Till .88, Till 1.0, Tortex Flex 1.0, Tortex Jazz XL

PVP103 Jazz II Pack of 6 Plectrums: Nylon Jazz III (Red), Nylon Max Grip Jazz III, Carbon Fiber Nylon Jazz III XL, Black Tortex Jazz M3, Ultex Jazz III, and Ultex Jazz III XL.

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