D'addario Bronze Wound Ball End Single Strings


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  • D'addario Bronze Wound Single Strings Ireland
  • Bronze Wound Ball End Single Strings
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D'addario Bronze Single Strings

D'addario Bronze Single Strings are just what you need for a replacement string or maybe you don't want to change a string, but you want a custom set, these strings are for you.

D'addario Bronze Wound Ball End Single Strings are made from 80/20 bronze which is a combination of copper and Zinc. This is the original alloy developed for acoustic strings by D'addario Sr. and John D'Angelico in the 30's. The D'addario 80/20 bronze strings feature a deep bright tone with high volume. They are made from Bronze wrapped around a hexagon shaped carbon steel core wire for a bright sounding string with excellent intonation.

D'addario Bronze Single Strings summary:

  • Extra-bright tone mixed with deep and projecting bottom end
  • Ball End
  • Perfect as a replacement string or for creating customised sets
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1918
  • View our full range of D'addario Strings or visit D'addario Strings's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.


  • BW020 Bronze String (020)
  • BW021 Bronze String (021)
  • BW022 Bronze String (022)
  • BW023 Bronze String (023)
  • BW024 Bronze String (024)
  • BW025 Bronze String (025)
  • BW026 Bronze String (026)
  • BW027 Bronze String (027)
  • BW029 Bronze String (029)
  • BW030 Bronze String (030)
  • BW032 Bronze String (032)
  • BW034 Bronze String (034)
  • BW035 Bronze String (035)
  • BW036 Bronze String (036)
  • BW039 Bronze String (039)
  • BW042 Bronze String (042)
  • BW045 Bronze String (045)
  • BW047 Bronze String (047)
  • BW049 Bronze String (049)
  • BW052 Bronze String (052)
  • BW053 Bronze String (053)
  • BW056 Bronze String (056)
  • BW059 Bronze String (059)

Please note: While we try to keep a stock of single strings we may be low or out of a particular gauge. Please contact us at sales@strings.ie as we can order you bulk quantities if required.

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