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D'addario Dynacore Pro Arte Classical Guitar Strings


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D'addario Dynacore Strings

D'addario Dynacore Strings are an evolution of classical guitar strings. They are made with a multifilament stranded core which result in a rich round and full sound. You'll find these sets stay in tune, and to be consistent in tone from set to set. Also, the trebles are made with Titanium. This new construction allows for the high end to be bright and projecting, The strings pack a very significant punch in the volume department.

D'addario Dynacore Strings summary:


D'addario EJ45TT Normal Tension Strings: 28 / 33.2 / 40.3 /28 / 35 / 44

D'addario EJ46TT Hard Tension Strings: 28.5 /33.7 / 41 / 29 /36 / 46

D'addario EJ44TT Extra Hard Tension Strings: 29 /33.3 / 41.6 / 30 / 36 / 47

D'addario SDN-38 Normal Tension Bass Half Set: 028 / 035 / 044

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